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Great Solutions with the Best Sportsboooks

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Knowing how to understand an odd is essential to be able to find valuable sports bet. Take note of this tip in your notebook so that you don’t forget it, it will serve you a lot in the future.

Why so much importance?

Finding value bets is the big secret to success in sports betting.

It is common to hear experienced punters say things like:

  • We think it is worthwhile to bet on Liverpool with this odd.
  • There is no great value at Everton for what they pay.
  • Being profitable in sports betting bets depends a lot on this.
  • A value situation is when an odd proposed by the house reflects a probability less than the real probability that this result will happen.

Let’s go back to the currency example to simplify this:

We know that the real probability of getting expensive is 50%, which corresponds to a real odd of 2.00

To our surprise, the bookmaker is offering an odd of 2.10 to get expensive equivalent to 47.6%

If the house tells us that the probability of being expensive is 47.6% but we know that the real probability is 50%, we must take advantage of this valuable situation.

How To Calculate The Value?

We can go even further and calculate mathematically the value given to us in this bet.In short, with an odd of 2.10 for the result to be expensive, the bookmaker in question offers 5% more than it should. The Best Online Sportsbooks can be there now.

An excellent value opportunity

As you can see, success depends on your intuition to correctly estimate the fair odd the right probability of a result. From there you can find value bets.Bookmakers are also wrong, and the good bettor must be able to identify these cases.Therefore, specialization in a specific market, or even in less well-known competitions and modalities, is very useful.

Naturally, the home will be much more attentive to a football match between Porto vsBenfica than to a match of the 2nd French League.

Make Money On Sports Betting

So let’s get down to business. As in all areas, there are people who are more or less adept at this. Just as not all young footballers are able to follow a professional path in sport, not all gamblers are able to be profitable in their bets.

As we have already seen in the explanation of the odds, the houses have no interest in offering situations of value. If they did, everyone would be able to make money from the bets, and the houses would end up having to close.There are methods that allow you to improve your sensitivity as a winner, which, in conjunction with standard bankroll management strategies, can put you one or two steps ahead of other bettors.


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