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Learn to Play the Odds at Parx Casino and Your Philadelphia Sportsbook

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If you like to bet, there are certainly a lot of options to do so. However, it is important to wager at a facility that is licensed and regulated by the state gaming commission. This is how you know that you are getting a fair chance to win some money. That is the important thing. Gambling is meant to be a fun form of adult entertainment. While you understand that there is a certain element of risk involved, it is nice to know that you at least have a fighting chance to win some money at the end of the day. This is why Parx Casino has worked so hard to establish its Philadelphia Sportsbook. Since sports betting was first made legal in Pennsylvania, this is the casino that has been right there offering great odds for its players. There are also other games to play, each offering a different RTP percentage. Let us take a look at that now.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for a return to the player. While this does not really apply to the Philadelphia Sportsbook, it will be applicable anytime you play a slot or video poker game at Parx Casino. It refers to the percentage of wins you can expect to get, on average, when playing a particular game. It is important to remember that each game has a different RTP. It is programmed into the structure of the game itself. This really is no different than certain card games. The house, for example, has a certain edge in each type of blackjack game being played. It has to do with how many cards are in the deck. This is the same for a slot that has been developed by a software company.

You might think that playing games with the highest RTP are the best, but that is not necessarily true. Just like at the Philadelphia Sportsbook, you will want to keep in mind that games with a lower RTP might pay out more infrequently, but the average win is much higher. Just because you might win one particular game with more regularity does not necessarily mean that you will net more money in the long run. This is part of what makes gambling at the casino so fun.

Some Different RTPs of Slots

Every game offered at the casino will vary in terms of its RTP. Alien Robots, for example, has an RTP of 96.6%. This is a pretty good figure. It means that you can expect to win $96.60 on every $100 that you bet on the game. While you obviously want to win more than you bet, you understand the risk going into the game. Your hope is that you will win a big payout at some point while playing it. Another popular game is Super Lucky Frog. While it has a much lower payout at 93%, it is also known for the bigger jackpots that it pays out on occasion. This is why so many people end up playing it time and time again. Just for comparison purposes, Super Eighties is one other slot game available today. The RTP for this one is 96.50%. This helps you understand what your potential winnings will be.

Now that you understand how the RTP works at Parx Casino, you will also feel more confident in choosing it as your Philadelphia Sportsbook. Just keep in mind the various odds of the bets that you are placing so that you can understand the risk. If you do that, then you will have a fun and enjoyable experience. You might get some of your money back at the same time, making for an added bonus.

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