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Does the Martingale strategy work in roulette?

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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around. Simple to grasp and fun to play; there is just something about watching the ball spin around the wheel that is mesmerizing. Many people now love to play roulette online and naturally look for ways to help them win. Once you begin to look at various roulette strategies or systems to use, you will find there is a lot to think about. 

One of the most popular to use on the best NJ online casino sites though is called the Martingale strategy – but just what is it and does it work?

What is the Martingale strategy? 

The first thing to pin down is what precisely this strategy entails. The concept is pretty simple, which is why it is so popular with many roulette players. When using this approach, you simply double your bet after each loss until you win. This works in theory because doubling the bet amount means that when you do win, you will still be in profit. Once you win, you start from the beginning again and repeat. It usually is best to use this strategy on even money bets, such as outside bets. This strategy is so well-loved because it does not need any high-level skill or being a mathematical genius to use.

But does it work in practice when playing roulette?

Martingale can work with roulette

There is no doubt that the theory behind this system is sound, and it can work when playing all versions of the game, from European Roulette to American. By doubling your stake after each loss, you are ensuring that you end up in profit when you do eventually win. By sticking to even money bets, you are giving yourself more chance of winning sooner rather than later, which also helps. This system can certainly help you win small amounts in the short term – but many consider it a risky strategy to use. Just why is that?

Losses can soon add up 

The primary issue many experienced roulette players have with Martingale is that losing runs (which will occur at some point) can soon add up to significant losses and wipe out your account – before you get a chance to hit that winning bet. Even if your initial bet is only $1, a losing run of 7 or 8 bets can soon have you putting hundreds down to cover it. That may not only wipe out your casino account but also prove too risky for some to handle. Playing for hundreds of dollars per spin is not for everyone! Most seasoned players dislike this system as they believe the numerous small wins are wiped out by larger system losses overall. 

Be careful when using Martingale 

There is no doubt that the Martingale strategy is a valid system with a sound theory behind it that many use in roulette. It can prove successful in the short term, but you need nerves of steel and a large bankroll to use it properly. If you have neither, then you may well be better looking at other systems to use.


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