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What to Do After Winning a Jackpot in Sports Betting in Kenya

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Gordon Paul Ogada, one of Kenya’s biggest sports betting winners with a 230-million Ksh, better be your role model when it comes to winning money management.

Aside from him, there are also many more Kenyan sports bettors who have won huge money and more people still have a chance to win on betting in Kenya.

Before making any live betting in Kenya, many of the best experienced do some strategies, and take cautions on bet placement. Ogada made sports betting part of his leisure and is now a professional, which is why at any moment he is so likely to bet.

Whether a person who gambles uses some secret tactics when playing or is just one lucky person is not the thing but the real challenge is what they do after winning the jackpot. Since many Kenyan jackpot winners come from a poor lifestyle, some are eager to spend the money on a lot of luxuries, or to gamble to win even more.

One of the many ways that you can do to keep your winnings for life is to retain your day job and still earn extra income. Do not change your life overnight, only because you already have millions of money. Start saving it, and don’t buy things you just don’t need.

What these sport betters and jackpot winners will worry about is keeping or sustaining their day job, while even getting more out of it in a sports betting game apart from their winnings. Think about their plans, including paying up their debts and saving the remaining winnings from a bank. You have to think critically, like a winner, about what you are going to do with the money you’ve won.

To know more ideas on what to do after winning a jackpot in betting, read this infographic from Chezacash.

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