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List of Largest Poker Tournaments in History

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Poker has evolved many times and became not just a staple casino game or a casual party game that everyone knows but a global tournament that professional players have participated in to win real money prizes.

World class poker tournaments are being held in many venues worldwide and many professional poker players compete for multi-million dollar prizes. Aside from land-based poker tournaments being held worldwide, there are also tournaments being organized online by online casinos like Bet365 that anyone can participate in.

Even though many poker events are being hosted all year round, there are a few that stand out simply because of their popularity and the huge amount of prize pool that they offer. These poker tournaments are considered as the World Cup or Olympics of poker when it comes to the prestige and scope of these events.

The Biggest Poker Tournaments in History

The first poker tournament was held in 1970 and ever since it became the most glamorous and prestigious poker tournament in the world. This tournament is called the World Series of Poker, ever since its establishment it became the most lucrative annual poker event in the world. It received popularity over the course of years, its prize pool is also the most coveted by many professional poker players.

World Series of Poker

The establishment of the WSOP organization has paved the way for developing the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. It is the most powerful and stable poker organization in the world. Noone came close to the success of WSOP, its global revenue and popularity is very impressive. 

The biggest event in the World Series of Poker is called the WSOP Main Event. This annual event is attended by poker enthusiasts and players in the whole world. It’s current iteration is considered as the biggest poker event yet, it has a coveted prize pool of $200 million. 

Aussie Millions

The Aussie Millions is considered as the most lucrative and the most popular poker event in the Southern Hemisphere. The Aussie Million is marketed mostly for high rollers mostly because of its high amount buy-in. It is considered as the biggest high-stakes poker tournament in the world. 

The minimum buy-in for the Aussie Millions starts with $10,600 and the total amount of buy-ins is 800, making it one of the most expensive poker competitions ever. The 2018 edition of Aussie Millions alone boasts a staggering $8,000,000 total prize pool.

World Poker Tour

The World Poker tour is basically like the WSOP, it is an international organization that hosts professional poker events across the globe. The tournaments are being held every year just like the other world poker tournaments in this list. Their most popular and most prestigious event is certainly the Five Diamond World Poker Classic which is held at the end of every season of the World Poker Tour. 

The World Poker Tour event is definitely one of the biggest poker tournaments worldwide. Not only does it have one of the biggest prizes to offer but also the event itself is being aired live on TV channels and streamed on online sites worldwide. 

Participating in a Poker Tournament

The popularity of these poker tournaments has increased every year because of the competition of the organizers themselves to provide a professional and attractive poker event. Every year the amount of prize pools of these events also increased annually attracting many professional players to participate.

If you are planning to venture into the world of professional poker, you should practice the sport and start to compete in small competitions before moving up to these tournaments. By studying the rules, practicing and preparing are the prerequisites of a professional poker tournament player.


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