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Blackjack Rules You Need to have Now

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Knowing the basic rules of blackjack casino game is very important before risking any amounts of real money. It is not when you are playing at the casino that you should be learning the rules. First you must learn the rules, then some strategies and only finally you must start a real money game. During the learning period play with play money.

  • The objective of blackjack is to end with a total hand worth 21 or close, which is better than the dealers’ hand. If you exceed the sum of 21, you lose.
  • In blackjack the hand plays against the dealer, that is, against the casino. What other players have doesn’t interest you, unless you’re counting cards.
  • After receiving the first cards you can choose HIT (you receive a card), or STAND (stay as is, you don’t receive cards) hoping that your hand will be better than the dealer’s.
  • After all players have decided what to do, it is the dealer’s turn to draw cards (according to fixed rules). The dealer must draw cards until the sum of his hand is 17, at most tables it appears that the dealer must stop when he is 17, at which point he must stop if he reaches that total. For canlı casino siteleri this is important.

Blackjack Card Value

  • Cards from 2 to 9 – they are worth your number.
  • Ace – May be worth 1 or 11.
  • Letter 10 and figures – are worth 10.
  • The suit of the cards is worthless in Blackjack.
  • Blackjack is the sum of an Ace card and one worth 10.
  • A Blackjack hits 3 cards that add up to 21.

Other Blackjack Decision Choices

As we have already mentioned, Blackjack consists of a card game whose sum of cards must result in 21. First each player places his bets, then the dealer gives two cards to each player, starting from the left. The dealer also draws two cards, one face down and one face up. When the card is face down, players will only see its value at the end of the round.

After receiving the cards, the player has several options, some of which have already been mentioned: HIT, asking for a card and STAND, keeping the cards he has. There are other options that depend on the combination of cards in front of you.

SPLIT – means to split, it happens when you have a pair in your hand, that is, two identical cards.

DOUBLE – when you analyze your hand and it appears to be higher and better than the dealer’s, you can double the bet amount.

INSURANCE – obtaining insurance. You have this option to choose when the dealer has an Ace turned up, so you can have a return on your capital if there is a Blackjack at the dealer.

SURRENDER – not all casinos give you this option, it means that the player can fold the hand, for the cost of half the original bet.

Basic Strategy

All strategies for playing blackjack depend on statistical analysis of how many times a certain letter comes out and how many times a blackjack hits the dealer.

By knowing the simple strategy for playing blackjack you can improve your chances against the house when playing for real money. This strategy will only serve to make the best possible decision when faced with the cards on the table, yours and the dealer’s.

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