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Winning is Easier Than Ever with Betting Operators

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The end of 2019 is a turning point for betting operators. Multi-national agencies had the choice between paying taxes to the country state and entering into legality or effectively abandoning the local market. The bookmaker who owned the monopoly at that time was removed from the game and suspended for 5 years, because it did not fully comply with the new regulations. This fact represented the end of one era and the beginning of another, which can boast of a prospect that many impatient people needed.

The Smart Stories

After all that has happened, many new 먹튀검 start-ups have also announced their intention to enter the online gambling market. The websites of the illegal companies have been blocked and can no longer be accessed from the country, so at this moment the country no longer have to worry about the chosen operator.

  • The current offer is significantly reduced compared to what customers were used to in previous years. However, to the 13 operators temporarily licensed were added another 5, with the start of the New Year. Bets can satisfy their thirst for adrenaline and from a distance. We can legally play both casino games and bets or virtual games, accessing the applications of online agencies even on the tablet or mobile.

The IRES study shows that only 7% of the countrys play sports betting. The reality seems to be different, especially if we consider the number of adolescents involved in the phenomenon, which were not taken into account, because the questionnaires were completed only by people over 18 years.

The Sites

The major sports sites have developed affiliate pages specifically dedicated to betting, especially due to the popularity of the phenomenon. Here you can access the favorite community of bets in Romania, known for its pages of tips and prognoses in football, tennis, basketball, etc. Both the tips and the news or the discussions there can be watched by any user at no cost. Moreover, any interested person can take part in the discussion by filling in a simple registration form.

It is difficult for us to count the messages, topics and number of registered users. And if we look at the millions of people who access the community every month, it is not difficult to realize that the IRES study cannot be considered as extremely relevant in this regard. The good part is that they did not have much to do, as it was quite difficult to believe that the minors would have given their name and would have recognized that they practiced these types of activities.

Everything is a lottery

Almost a quarter of the population admitted to playing the lottery. Half of those interviewed believe that dreams can announce the future; 44% of them revealed that this kind of dream happened at least once in their life.

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