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The Smartest Details for the Goliath Bets

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Goliath bet is a combination of bets made from the choice of 8 selections, excluding singles bets. Thus, it is composed of 28 pairs; 56 triples; 70 out of four multiples; 56 out of five multiples; 28 of six multiples, 8 of seven multiples and 1 cumulative of eight selections.

Goliath in English is Goliath, the giant of biblical history, the one who was killed by David using a stone. The term Goliath has become synonymous with very big things over time and as such the name has been adopted to describe this 8-team bet.

You have to know that making a Goliath 시티 bet will multiply 247x the bet. Therefore, when selecting 1 dollars you will have to shell out 247 dollars.

How are profit calculated on Goliath Bet?

You may be wondering how to calculate profits on so many bets? Yes, there are a lot of different bets and that can be a little confusing. Then we will explain how the calculations are made with Goliath Bet.

Let’s say we bet 1 dollar on the combined Goliath ( then spending $ 247 ) on 8 selections. The return will depend on the number of hits and the odds value of the bet you placed. This is obvious.

Understand that if you hit a triple, you will hit three other doubles. If you hit a multiple of 4 games, you will hit another twelve triples and 36 doubles. 

For the example we will use eight bets with odds of 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0.

What are odds 

A hit

In this scenario we will not win any penny because Goliath Bet does not select single / single bets.


If my bet yielded only a couple of winners, the payoff will depend on the odds hit. Hitting a 2.0 x 3.0 pair will earn me 6 dollars, which is very little.

Now, if we hit a double of 8.0 x 9.0 my return will be 72 dollars. Much better, no? But clearly we need more hits to make a profit.


Things started to get better for me when there are at least three hits. It is in this scenario that we will start at least getting close to the amount spent of 247 dollars or maybe already profit a lot.

Let’s say we hit three bets with the lowest odds. So, returned 24 dollars for me from the triple and 26 dollars from the three doubles, which together gives 50 dollars.

However, suppose we hit the top three odds. My total return would be 695 dollars, profit of 448 dollars. Here you are already beginning to realize that odds play a key role in profit, like every bet.


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