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The Right Sports Betting Chances You Can Opt for

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In the derby between Roma and Lazio or Milan and Inter, the chances of a draw are always high. This result is not a lack of desire to win, but a fear of losing in the derby when studying statistics, consider not just the results of matches, but separately at home and away, against strong and weak teams.

The right Table

Look at the table when at least 5-8 rounds have been played. Do not take into account the standings after the offseason. The lineups of teams change: new performers come and the main ones leave, so after the break, the team can play differently.

Don’t just rely on previous command 토토 사이트 results. In a season, there are a series of matches against leaders and outsiders. In the first case, the middle peasant will often lose, and in the second, he will win although, the level of the game will not change.

Analyze performance throughout the season, not just your current form.

Analysis of the latest matches

For a correct analysis, be sure to look at the recent games of the teams. There is not enough time to watch the entire match, so start with the overviews of the matches. Then try to regularly follow the clubs and tournaments you are betting on the most.

It takes experience to analyze based on what you see. You will be wrong in the beginning – that’s okay. Then, over time, learn to determine the physical and psychological state of the teams.

Team lineups

Disqualified and injured 은꼴 players affect the play of the whole team, but not all. Assess the importance of the loss. Perhaps due to the absence of one athlete, the tactics of the game will change.

Coaches often change their rosters to give the irreplaceable players a rest. For example, an important match in the Champions League is coming soon. The coach of the team is more likely to set a suboptimal line-up. Liverpool ahead of the Champions League semi-final return leg against Roma:

Calendar, schedule of competitions

Teams and athletes who have several intense matches in a row, or just a lot of short games, naturally get tired. Because of this, players may remain on the bench or show less opportunities on the field.

After difficult fights that take up a lot of energy, it is not easy to show the best game in the next meeting. If a responsible duel is ahead, the team can easily sacrifice the match for future success.

What other factors should be considered in the analysis?


This point is not always taken into account, but sometimes it is impossible not to take it into account. The team can play in unusual conditions: frost or too hot. This is a stressful situation for athletes. Bad weather is in favor of the outsider. It is easier for him to defend on a difficult field than for the favorite to create chances.


This applies to international competitions. For example, in the highlands the owners will feel better. The factor can be combined with the previous one.


Tiring trips take energy even before the start of the match. As an example, we will use the home matches of FC Astana in European competitions. Almost all opponents found it difficult to play in Kazakhstan. Although, largely not only because of the unusually long flight, but also the artificial turf.

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