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Smartest Choices for the Perfect Poker Matches

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Have you ever raised with a big hand, but didn’t find support on the flop? Do you think it is appropriate to bet flop and turn? We explain to you when it should be done.If you played poker, you will surely have found yourself in such a situation. Raise pre-flop with a beautiful hand, which does not receive help on the flop. It happens most of the time.

  • What to do at this point?
  • What to do when you raise a pot with a hand that actually gives you nothing after the flop?

Many poker online players continue to bet on the flop as well, trying to prove that they have at least top-pair – which is a plausible point for those who give the first flop.

You can hope that your opponents have nothing like you so you can still have control of the action. This is a very basic poker game.

But what should you do when you get at least one call on the flop, and the turn doesn’t improve the situation so that your hand doesn’t have a point? Is it time to let it go, or can you bet a second time?

When away can he bring a bluff? When does the time come to go into check-fold mode to reduce losses? We propose a guide to succeed in:

  • find the right time for a second episode
  • let go of the blow
  • go ahead with the bluff if your hand doesn’t improve

The perfect “second barrel” situation

Let’s take an example. Take the case of a No Limit Hold’em cash game of 1/2 euro, you are in late position and you are playing with

All players before you fold and you raise to 6 euros. Call the big blind only, and fall on the flop

Your opponent checks and you pay 10 euros. A call arrives and a turn comes on the turn

Your opponent makes another check, on the plate there are already 33 euros, you play for around 200 euros of effective stacks but you are in a complicated situation.

You still have a high card, but on the turn you have an interlocking staircase project. Is it the case to bet again or is it better to check back, hoping for a positive card on the river?

It is clear that the decision is not so complicated. It is certainly the case to make a second episode, and we will explain to you why.

A mediocre hand

The range your opponent represents is composed of low pairs and hands like J  T . He has decided to check twice and to call in both cases, so it is very likely to find a mediocre hand with a questionable showdown value.

All hands that still beat your ace high card, and if you find a favorable river it would hardly go to the call on your bet, which at that point would be very strong.

Very few hands in this range will be able to continue their race, especially after the king’s descent on the turn, which may have given you top pair.

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