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No Options for the best Card games online

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Players initially get one card hidden and one card hidden. Each player receives three more cards. Bet is between bets. At the end, the best poker hand wins, the extra hands are four-handed and the four-card straight goes between the pair and the two. With the Pkv games this is important now.

Detailed rules

  • At the start of the game, each player puts a required initial bet, the ant, into the pot.
  • Each player gets two cards, one hidden, one hidden.
  • The first betting round is played. You can pass (if not already raised), surrender, call for a raise or raise yourself. The game is pot limit , so the maximum raise is pot size.
  • After the betting round, the remaining players are dealt a third card and bet again. Next, the fourth card is dealt and bet.
  • Finally, the fifth card is dealt and the last round of betting is played.

The winner’s solution

What separates it from all other poker games is deciding on a winner. There are two hands more in a pot than in regular poker: a four card straight and a four card straight.

The rank of hands at Sökö is (from best to worst):

  • Straight flush
  • Four of the same
  • full house
  • Color
  • Direct
  • Three of the same
  • Two couples
  • Four card color
  • Four card straight
  • Pair
  • Shark

The best hand will fix the whole pot. If the hands are exactly even, the pot is split.

Tip: Extra hands are rarer than two pairs, so they’re sort of in the wrong place on the Hand List. However, they should not be underestimated as the fear of four-card flush or straight is a good tool for bluffing.

Online Deals

Food is surprisingly popular on the Internet. It is played mainly by Finns, but also players from other Nordic and Baltic countries are a familiar sight at the tables. In Sökö circles, a card is struck around the clock. At the poker room .

The first betting round starts with the largest card shown. If the cards are equal, the countries are used to sort out the rankings. Countries are from best to worst, spades, hearts, squares, crosses. The rest of the betting rounds will be started by the Low Hand’s visible hand.

The worst hand wins

On the cards screen, the pot (the worst) poker hand wins the pot. Straight lines or colors are ignored, Ace is number one.


  • A has A348448, so his hand is 4483A
  • B has 7894562, meaning his hand is 76542
  • C has a 72A56KK, so his hand is 7652A

Solution: Pot A wins C. A has a pair, so he doesn’t do well for B or C. The difference between B and C is found on the fourth card, which is lower on C.

Seven Card Stud high-low rules are exactly the same as normal Seven Card Stud rules until the cards are displayed. On the cards screen, half of the pot wins the best poker hand and half the lowest poker hand (up to eight).

Detailed rules

Seven card stud high low instructions

  • 7 Card Stud High-Low Handover
  • First, read the rules of normal 7 Card Stud if they are not already familiar.
  • Seven Card Stud High-Low (8 or Better) advances to the card display as normal 7 Card Stud.

On the cards screen, the pot is split into high and low halves. Both halves are equal, if there was $ 100 in the pot, both halves are $ 50.

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