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Great Choices for the perfect Poker Details Now

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It is then up to you to determine how many tables you will be most profitable with. Some will fully concentrate on one table while others will be able to play 25 at the same time. For most good players, the happy medium hovers around 4 tables.

Choose your limits carefully and manage your bankroll

  • If you have chosen the cash game, it is essential to choose your limits carefully and manage your bankroll.
  • Your limit will depend on two main factors: your level in poker and your bankroll.
  • Your bankroll is the total amount of money you are willing to dedicate to your poker games. However, the latter must be seen more as a working tool, a business. You should not count on it as acquired money but as an instrument. Do not make any plans for it.
  • Once that is understood, you can start thinking about money.

A bankroll of € 20 cannot afford to play in 0.5 / 1, in other words games where the small blind is at € 0.50 and the big blind is at € 1. In fact, the ideal is to be able to recave 20 times at 100 big blinds. Therefore, to be comfortable in 0.05 / 0.1, you will need a bankroll of € 200. This amount can easily be doubled for a large multitabler who, of course, will need more funds. Obviously, you can play these limits with 50 €, but the bigger your bankroll compared to your limits, the better you will bear bad beats and bad periods. With situs judi resmi  this is important now.

  • If you feel dominated in most shots, go down a notch, there is no shame. Multitabling can also weaken you a bit and therefore force you to go down a limit. What matters is to be as profitable as possible in the long term. Start by getting your hands on the microlimits (No Limit 1/2 or 2/5, or 0.01 / 0.02 or 0.02 / 0.05), ideal for playing “standard” poker.

Avoid playing if you are not in good shape

See poker as a risky business, where concentration and alertness are essential. This will save you from playing when you are stressed, tired, drunk, worried … and avoid making bad decisions. To stay focused and play in good conditions, it is also advisable to limit your poker sessions to a few hours. If you start to get upset or distracted, just take a break. In poker, every euro counts. It is therefore essential to be able to judge when to start a game session and when to end it.

Play ABC Poker to Get a Hand

The game “tight aggro”, in other words tight and aggressive, is the most recommended at the beginning. It consists in entering only a minimal number of shots, handpicked. Obviously these will be the shots where you have the best possible hands. When you get into a hit, play it for real do not be passive, the check / call will not create a big pot, you MUST increase the stake yourself: bet, bet, bet.


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