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Choosing Your Online Casino Usage Options Now

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Many online and physical casinos offer the opportunity to play table games, roulette , poker and blackjack being the best known games. The latter of these table games can now be played in numerous variations on, for example, a slot machine or as an online casino slot. The rules of these variations deviate slightly from the original rules of Blackjack, so it is strongly advisable to read them thoroughly before you play. In this article we will focus on the original game and accompanying rules, because at the Holland Casino, for example, you will always play with these rules when playing against a dealer. Also in the live casino in almost all cases the usual rules of blackjack are used. You can make use of the link and come up with the best options for the same now.

Purpose of blackjack

With blackjack, the aim is to get as close as possible to the twenty-one card points, by adding up the values ​​of the cards received. Once a player has passed the twenty-one points, the player loses regardless of the dealer’s cards. It is therefore important to always make a trade-off between stopping or continuing, which can be very difficult, for example with sixteen or seventeen card points. 

Operation of blackjack

Blackjack generally uses one to six packs of cards, where the joker is taken out. In principle, each card has its own value, whereby the ace can be seen as a ‘one’ as well as an ‘eleven’ and the farmer, the wife and the gentleman count as ten points. It is up to the player to choose what value the ace assumes when he or she gets this card in his or her possession during a division. The blackjack playing field looks very simple and consists of squares on which you can place the bet for a round and a row on which the cards from the division are placed. For the dealer, there are also two squares on the playing field, where the dealer’s cards are placed with a division.

For each division it is possible to determine your stake for the round and place it on your square. When each participant has determined his or her bet, each player receives two cards from the dealer. These cards are placed face up immediately on the table. The dealer himself also receives two cards, but one of the two cards initially remains closed. After sharing, each player is given the opportunity to grab an extra card, split and stop. If a player immediately has twenty-one card points after the division (in the case of an ace and a 10, jack, queen or king), he or she wins, unless the bank itself also has an equal combination. In this case we speak of ‘blackjack’, where the player gets back his or her bet 1.5 times. When the cards from the bank also yield blackjack, we speak of a ‘push’ and the player gets his or her bet back.


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