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Biggest Sports Upsets in History

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Watching sports, whether live or online, will always be considered one of the most enjoyable pastimes. Many sports fans claim they have felt a sense of belongingness with the crowd, allowing them to forget their real-life worries, even for just a few hours. Furthermore, sports also permit its audience to feel that adrenaline rush as they root for their favorite teams or players. But apart from the connection and entertainment value, many also love sports because of betting.

Whether live or online sports betting Malaysia, betting will always play a significant role in the sports community. Because just like watching sports, betting can also make its participants thrilled as they place wagers on their favorite teams. And more importantly, betting allows fans to win a few bucks or millions of dollars.

However, there are moments in the betting industry that do not go according to the plan of bettors. For example, in football betting Malaysia, rooting for your favorite football team is only normal. A specific group might have become your favorite for a reason – maybe because their team works so well together, or they usually bag championships. But sometimes, unexpected events happen, such as an underdog winning against a crowd favorite. 

During these moments, you might think that betting based on your favorites might have been the wrong decision. In contrast, the biggest upsets in the sports industry might have been the biggest wins to some. One example of that is Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson.

In 1990, Douglas beat the undefeated and undisputed Mike Tyson with odds of 42/1. Douglas was supposed to be a warm-up for Tyson’s match with Evander Holyfield, but in an unexpected turn of events, Tyson was beaten after being knocked out after ten rounds.

Tyson struggled to find his rhythm, while Douglas had made a strong start. However, after six months of Douglas snatching the belt from Tyson, he was defeated by Holyfield through a KO. 

The case of Douglas winning against Mike Tyson is just one of the examples of the biggest sports upsets that gave massive amounts of winning to some bettors. If you want to know more stories like these, you may check this infographic by CM2BET. 

Biggest Sports Upsets in History

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