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Basic Rules to play Poker Texas Hold’em

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Texas Hold ‘is a very popular card game in Europe, which is generally quite complicated and easy to get confused, but if you study further, this is a simple and interesting game. players who want to win easily must first learn how and the rules of this game, so this article k8pro will talk about Texas Hold ‘poker playing from the most basic steps.

  • Main target

Before the game starts, all players on the table will have to spend a specified amount called Pot. You will win when you create 1 set of 5 cards of the highest value than your opponent or when your opponent gives up. If there is more than one winner, the Pot will be divided based on the number of winners.

  • The basics to note in Fb88

The start of each card must have at least 2 players bet called Blinds. Blinds must bet that the player sits on the left side of the dealer calling a small blind and the player to the left of the small blind is called a big blind and this rule will always change after each hand starts.

Two cards face to face for each player in a clockwise direction are called hold cards. All players will keep their 2 cards secret to others until the end of the game. After the first round of cards, three face cards are dealt to all players called community cards that combine it with the hole cards on hand to create a set of 5 high-value cards. most to decide which player wins the game.

The five community card cards will be divided into three rounds: flop, turn and river. The flop consists of the first three cards, one extra turn and the river will be the last to complete the game. All 5 cards are turned up to show all players can see. After the final round, the player’s cards will be compared and the highest value player will be the Pot winner. .

If you are a texas Hold ’experienced poker player, you will easily see the different forms of card hierarchy in your hands.

  • Common terms heard in poker games

During the process of playing this game, you may encounter some strange terms that you will always hear and need to pay attention in Texas Hold ‘Em. When you fold (skip the post), it means you stop the game. When no one is betting and you are the first to do it, it is called a bet. You want to raise the bet amount higher, when you have a high-value card called Raise. You want to follow the bet the previous player and put out a number of chips by the number of chips they wager is call. Check means you don’t add money you can only check when no one is betting more.

  • Place a bet

Pre-Flop – The first betting round takes place immediately after all hole cards have been issued. The first player is the one on the left hand side of the big blind, who has 3 choices Call, Raise, Fold.

Flop – Starting from the first player left on the left hand side of the dealer and moving clockwise the player has call options, fold, raise and add check. Flop ends like the Pre-Flop. Turn bet is the same as Flop bet

River – Similar to Flop and Turn, if more than 1 player wins after the bet is completed, Those games will continue to compare until the highest card holder is found.

  • Conclude

If you take the time to read all of the above information, I guarantee you will better understand the poker game at least 30%. In addition, you can join Poker groups or find information online and Clip Youtube, you will understand more about this big money winning game.

This game not only evaluates luck, experience, financial capital, the most important is customer psychology. Always keep calm and assertive. Don’t rush to think so that your opponent can guess the card in your hand.

Good luck, hope the helpful article can help you, don’t forget the link and share the article if you feel really helpful. Thank you!


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